aireg - Sustainable Aviation Fuel Conference 2019

17th and 18th of October 2019

aireg - Sustainable Aviation Fuel Conference 2019

17th and 18th of October 2019





Aviation is a growth industry. In the coming decade, worldwide, an increasing amount of people will choose to use airplanes as a method of transport. The aviation industry faces significant environmental and climate challenges. Combined with a finite supply of fossil fuels, it is imperative that the aviation industry preemptively develops alternatives to traditional, fossil fuel derived kerosene. Synthetic fuels play an important role in this effort. The goal must be to bring together airlines, manufacturers, airports, and political entities in the communal effort to increase the price-competitiveness of synthetic fuels and eventually bring them to market in significant quantities.

Kerosene produced from sustainable feedstocks for aviation is an emerging product that can currently not be produced with competitive costs. To further the market integration of sustainable alternative fuels, legislators must introduce market/launching assistance structures. Under the current market and production conditions, subsidies will likely be required to achieve competitive price levels in the coming ten years. The aforementioned production of alternative aviation fuels at competitive prices is our goal.

This topic will be the focus of discussions between 200 national and international leaders from politics, business and science.

Our partners are:


Flughafen München GmbH


Program information

ENGLISCH Die Konferenz ist eine 1,5 Tage internationale Konferenz mit 200 Teilnehmern aus EU, Europa, USA, Australien, Afrika, Brasilien und Indien. Die Konferenzsprache ist englisch und die Moderation übernimmt Cord Schellenberg.

Moderierte Panel-Diskussion: Impulsvorträge (10 Minuten), Paneldiskussionen (1 Stunde)

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Thursday, October 17th



Press Conference (invited press only)Deutsche Post/DHL Group, FMG CAAFI, aireg, (Buse, Fuel Supplier)
13:30Opening Event

Moderator Cord Schellenberg

Deutsche Post/DHL (tbd)

Airbus (tbd)



Panel Airports – Are they prepared?

Impulse: Hermann Blomeyer, Munich Airport

Melinda Pagliarello, ACI-NA

SFO Airport

Hamburg Airport

Changi Airport


15:20Panel Agencies/Associations - The regulatory framework

Impulse: Nancy Young, A4A

Jim Hileman, FAA

Jane Hupe, ICAO

Robert Boyd, IATA,

Norbert Schmitz, ISCC

16:20Panel Airlines - The end-user perspective

Impulse: Kay Kratky, President aireg e.V.

Markus Otto, EAT/DHL

Sophia Mendelsohn, JetBlue

Joel Murdock, Fedex

Anita Carstensen, easyjet

Kurt Edwards, IBAC

17:20Networking Break 
18:00Evening Address

Svenja Schulze, Federal Minister for the Environment


18:15Panel discussion

Minister Schulze

Steffen Bilger, Parl. State Secretary,Federal Ministry of Transport



Get -together 

Friday, October 18th

08:00WelcomeSiegfried Knecht, CEO aireg e.V.

Moderator: Henrik Erämetsä, aireg Board


09:00Special Remarks

Peter Vanacker, CEO Neste



Steve Csonka, CAAFI


09:45Panel Biomass/MSW - What aviation should take on today

Impulse: Bruno Miller, Fulcrum

Jenny Walther-Thoß, WWF

Henrik Wareborn, Velocys

Jonathan Male, DoE

Larissa Rose, QRFA Queensland, Australia

10:45Networking Break 
11:15Panel Power-to-Liquid: The most sustainable option?

Impulse: Prof. Küchen, Director General MWV

Nils Aldag, Sunfire

Benedikt Stefansson, CRI

Dr. Stefan Weber, MTU

Mark Misselhorn, Caphenia

12:15Panel Science/Research - R&T offers and possible breakthroughs

Impulse: Prof. Kaltschmitt, TU Hamburg

Prof. Hofbauer, Wien University

Prof. Pfeifer, KIT

Harry Lehmann, UBA

Jonathan Holladay, PNNL

13:15Lunch Break 
14:15Warming upSiegfried Knecht
14:20Panel Countries

Impulse: Norbert Barthle, Parl. State Secr., BMZ

NN, India

Roman Breuer, Bauer Resources

NN, Cameroon/Ghana

NN, Brasil


15:20Future Perspective - Zero Emission Fuels?Manfred Aigner, aireg President
15:45Conference ends 




Who we are

With the “International Conference for Sustainable Aviatoin Fuel 2019”, we are offering domestic and international participants a venue for interaction and networking.


What we do

aireg is committed to an environmentally friendly aviation. We are the competence centre for sustainable aviation fuels in Germany and the initiative for alternative kerosene from renewable energies. With our partners, we combine the know-how from many years of experience in industry, business, and science in the German and international field of aviation.



Your contact for all press related inquiries and topics:

Melanie Form, General Manager of Operations aireg e.v.


Host Information

aireg - Aviation Initiative for Renewable Energy in Germany e.V., Bundesratufer 10, 10555 Berlin, Germany


aireg - Sustainable Aviation Fuel Conference 2019

October 17, 2019 - 11:30 to 17:00 (includes subsequent evening event // get-together // dinner)

October 18, 2019 - 08:30 to 15:00



Host Information

aireg - Sustainable Aviation Fuel Conference 2019

October 17, 2019 - 11:30 to 17:00 (includes subsequent evening event // get-together // dinner)

October 18, 2019 - 08:30 to 15:00



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