aireg e.V. welcomes Sunfire as new member

aireg and its members are delighted to welcome Sunfire as their newest member. Being one of the most innovative companies worldwide, Sunfire develops and generates plants to produce renewable technological energy and fuel. One of Sunfire’s objectives is to develop innovative technology for the production of feedstocks for refineries to further create synthetic fuels.

Siegfried Knecht, chairman and board member of aireg said to fellow associates “with Sunfire aireg will expand its proficiency in the field of development for electricity based synthetic fuels. This has the tremendous potential to reduce emissions for a more environmentally and climate friendly air transport. The missing factors are large industrial production plants to meet the urgent demand and with the aid of the economics scale, reduce production costs and thus the ultimate price costs. Sunfire can in this procedure, with the latest successful accrediting of a high temperature co-electrolysis, make an important contribution. However, the government must financially support the industrial willingness so as to facilitate the fundamental establishment of PtL-kerosene production.”

Nils Aldag, managing director and founder of Sunfire, commented on the membership: “Sunfire wants to make CO2-neutral flying a reality as quickly as possible. Over the past 10 years, we have developed an efficient, cost-effective and scalable Power-to-Liquids technology that can now be industrialized. However, there are still no substantial voluntary commitments or regulatory incentives for German aviation to enable a market ramp-up of synthetic fuels. Joining aireg we want to support the discussion on the decarbonisation of air traffic and develop concrete proposals for a CO2-neutral aviation together with the industry. aireg offers the ideal platform to make new technologies marketable together with industry, politics and research.”

About Sunfire:
Sunfire GmbH, founded in 2010, develops and produces high-temperature electrolysers (SOEC) and high-temperature fuel cells (SOFC). The company employs more than 140 people. The hightemperature electrolysis generates valuable hydrogen from water and is powered by renewable electricity. In the newest and most efficient version, high-temperature electrolysis can reactivate not only water but also CO2, converting exhaust gas back to a clean raw material that replaces crude oil or natural gas. This will make the entire transport sector and many industrial processes, which today depend on oil, gas or coal, sustainable and CO2-neutral. Further information at

About aireg e.V.:
aireg – Aviation Initiative for Renewable Energy in Germany e.V. has been founded as an association of companies and organisations from industry, research and science in 2011. Being a non-profit organisation, aireg dedicates itself to the availability and use of renewable energy in aviation to reach the ambitious goals for reducing CO₂ emission within the aviation industry. Its members come from all sectors of the renewable energy’s value chain for aviation. This ranges from universities and major research institutions, plant constructors and operating companies, biorefineries, petroleum industry, power unit and aircraft manufacturers, governmental organisations, non-governmental organisations to airports and airlines. Industrial members cover the international range from start-up companies to large enterprises.


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