aireg welcomes CCP Technology GmbH as a new memeber

aireg, the German aviation initiative for alternative aviation fuels, welcomes CCP Technology GmbH as a new member. The Munich-based company is part of aireg since the beginning of November.

The development of renewable aviation fuels is based on a broad array of technology pathways. CCP Technology GmbH’s approach, combining power-to-liquid PtL and gas-to-liquid GtL processes, enables the production of large quantities of CO2-reduced kerosene at current market prices. As Dr Olaf Kühl, CEO of CCP Technology GmbH, stated: “The Caphenia process paves the way into a largely CO2-free future and brings the 2-degree-target into reach for modern industrial economies through its compatibility with bio-methane and methane from power-to-gas PtG plants as well as synergies with industrial processes like the steel and chemical industries.”

Siegfried Knecht, aireg Chairman of the Board, was elated about welcoming CCP Technology GmbH as a new member: “CCP Technology GmbH enriches aireg with its development in the area of the Caphenia process. This approach has the potential to make a significant contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions. We look very much forward to the increase of competence, the exchange in the working groups and the mutual cooperation.”

Dr Mark Misselhorn, CEO of CCP Technology GmbH, said regarding the membership in aireg: “The development and market introduction of CO2 reduced fuels in aviation comes with great challenges and necessitates the cooperation of many players. From our perspective, aireg offers the perfect platform to bring these players together and facilitate a valuable exchange. We are delighted to become part of this future orientated community.”