German Federal Government misses chance for a more climate friendly aviation

The Action Plan Climate Protection 2020 which the German Federal Government adopted today misses a chance to establish climate-friendly fuels in aviation. The air traffic sector relies on liquid fuels like no other mode of transport. Sustainable alternatives like biojet fuel offer the greatest potential to minimize CO2 emissions and increase long-term security of supply.

Siegfried Knecht, Chairman of the German aviation initiative for alternative fuels aireg e.V.: Unfortunately, the German Federal Government has not yet recognized that aviation requires alternative fuels in order to considerably contribute to climate protection. The sector’s lasting growth and the associated positive economic effects can only be assured if growth of traffic and emissions are being decoupled. What is needed now is a support program for advanced biorefineries. You cannot criticize aviation for its CO2 emissions and simultaneously neglect effective abatement solutions.”

The Action Plan presented by the ministers of Environment and Economy, Hendricks and Gabriel, makes only little reference to aviation, whereas alternative aviation fuels are already applicable without restriction today. Currently the lack of sufficient sustainable feedstocks and biorefining capacity hinder the successful market deployment.