INERATEC and Petrixo first new members in 2016

Without biorefineries there’s no biojet fuel – the two companies INERATEC and Petrixo Oil & Gas have acted on this conclusion and joined aireg as the first new members in 2016. Both companies intend to unlock the future market for alternative aviation fuels and regard their cooperation with the Aviation Initiative for Renewable Energy in Germany as an opportunity to support airlines in their commitment for climate-friendly aviation.


INERATEC, a spin-off of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, develops, constructs and sells compact and modular gas-to-liquid plants for the production of alternative fuels. A unique advantage of the technology is the possibility of a decentralized, modular and cost-efficient fuel production. The installations are equipped with innovative chemical reactors that enable the decentralized set-up. That is why e.g. remote regions can be supplied with sustainable fuels, where up to now complex logistics are responsible for high costs of energy. Also in Germany carbon-neutral synthetic jet fuel can be produced locally.



Dr. Tim Böltken, Managing Director Business Development & Marketing of INERATEC: “With our technology we can finally efficiently access peripheral and particularly renewable gas sources. Because of the gas upgrade in to high-quality synthetic fuels, the business case is attractive for many applications. As a member of aireg, we are happy to contribute to the initiative for alternative and renewable aviation fuels.”



Petrixo Oil & Gas LLC, an enterprise of Saif Belhasa Group from Dubai, is currently constructing one of the world’s largest facilities for the production of synthetic jet fuel in the emirate of Fujairah. Starting in 2017, more than one million tons of fuel will be produced there annually. The Arab’s technology partner is the US-based company Honeywell UOP. Petrixo expects to benefit from the expertise of aireg’s members, particularly with regards to feedstock.


Dr.-Ing. Detlef Liebmann, Official Representative of Petrixo Oil & Gas in Germany:

“Our project in the UAE illustrates that also in the Middle East and the members of the Gulf Cooperatin Council a significant rethinking with regards to the use of natural resources is taking place. With an annual capacity of one million tons of green jet fuel we will have a very substantial impact on the global biofuel market. Furthermore the project marks the starting point for an overarching strategy of Petrixo. We look forward to engaging with aireg and its partners.”


aireg sees the entry of both organizations as a strong signal of support towards the initiative’s goal of supplying 10% of the German jet fuel demand with alternative fuels by 2025.


Siegfried Knecht, Chairman of the board of aireg:

“INERATEC and Petrixo are excellent examples that the “Energiewende” has arrived for the transport sector. As aireg we have long emphasized that there is a real bottleneck as to biorefinery capacity in Germany. This shortage is now being reduced despite the currently extremely low price of oil. We regard this development as a very positive sign, also in light of the upcoming negotiations for a global market-based mechanism to level aviation’s carbon emissions.”




The company INERATEC offers chemical reactor technologies and turn-key solutions for sophisticated chemical reactions in highest compactness. A technological breakthrough in the intensification of the process leads to cost-efficient and reliable compact GtL refineries for a multitude of applications. The innovative chemical reactors of INERATEC enable a safe and efficient performance of highly exothermic and endothermic reactions in small to medium-sized capacities.


About Petrixo Oil & Gas

Within the Saif Belhasa Group Dubai, an industry holding with 32 companies and lines of business, Petrixo represents the division for Project Development and Operations in the energy sector. In addition to classic petrol refinery activities Petrixo focuses increasingly on technology aspects of alternative energies and fuels. Especially the biorefinery in Fujairah and activities in the production of micro-algae are of priority.