Ministry of Economics of Federal State Schleswig-Holstein supports aviation by renewables

aireg and its members are delighted to announce its recently growing number of memberships by Ministry of Economic Affairs of Schleswig Holstein joining in. Federal State Government of Schleswig-Holstein underlines with its strategic decision the political willingness of usage of renewable energies as well transformation into a mobility environment.

Along with a bunch of other promising technology paths for fabrication of aviation fuels Power to Liquid (PtL) and Biomass to Liquid (BtL) are part of this development. These technologies clear the way for a Co2 neutral aviation and will be an essential contribution for a CO2 neutral national economy. It is of most importance, based on these technologies, to make aviation in technical and competitive terms available and accordingly there are of course extensive research and development activities mandatory. Our strong estimate will be that Federal State of Schleswig Holstein will cover this by its political strength.

CEO of aireg Siegfried Knecht appears to be pleased: “Schleswig Holstein with its production of wind energy is a prospective important stakeholder and partner for production of sustainable aviation fuels. PtL can play an essential role in providing global support for renewable fuel, petrol and raw material as well supporting international renewable energy markets. Jointly we want to promote and scale maturity of technology and get PtL technology into a broader market appearance. Along with industrialization and market introduction of PtL technology based kerosine aviation has CO2 neutral area of supply available.”

Minister of economics Reinhard Meyer states: Schleswig-Holstein offers a wide variety of renewables. On the one hand, the further development of renewables  is a necessity due to receding fossil fuels and advancing climate change. On the other hand, renewables comprise huge opportunities for our regional economy. Among others, with joining aireg we expect new impulses for the production of renewable aviation fuels in our region.


Facts about Ministry of Economic Affairs of Schleswig Holstein:

Schleswig-Holstein is home for about 2.8 million inhabitants and Germany’s northernmost federal state: Germany’s true north. Its economic structure is dominated by small and medium-sized enterprises. The Ministry of Economic Affairs, Employment, Transport and Technology supports the economic and infrastructure development of Schleswig-Holstein; innovations and sustainability are important pillars of its economic policy.