SkyNRG supplies KLM’s new series of transatlantic biofuel flights to Aruba and Bonaire

SkyNRG, the global market maker for sustainable fuels, will supply sustainable jet fuel to a new series of KLM flights from Amsterdam to the Caribbean islands Aruba and Bonaire. The program will run for six months and is operated by an Airbus 330-200. The first flight will take off today and is part of Europe’s major biojet fuel initiative, ITAKA in which SkyNRG is a partner.

Camiel Eurlings, CEO of KLM, commented: ”I am proud that once again KLM is demonstrating its pioneering role in the development and commercialization of sustainable aviation fuels, together with new partners the European Commission and Airbus. This new series of biofuel flights to Aruba and Bonaire follows the New York series of last year.”

Dirk Kronemeijer, CEO of SkyNRG, commented: “With these series of flights, within the Kingdom of the Netherlands, we are getting closer to the day that we can produce sustainable jet fuel right here in Holland for one of our founders and key customer from the very beginning: KLM. This goal will be achieved within the BioPort Holland project which we initiated with our consortium partners KLM, Schiphol, Neste Oil, the Dutch government and the Port of Rotterdam.”

SkyNRG also welcomes the new partners in the KLM Corporate BioFuel Programme, Friesland Campina and Ricoh, who officially joined the program today. These leading green corporations will be able to fly on sustainable jet fuel for a portion of their total flight volume, thereby stimulating the further development of biofuels and reducing the aviation industry’s carbon footprint.

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