Alternative aviation fuels from regenerative energies

In order to achieve aireg's goal - 10% of kerosene fuelled in Germany in 2025 should come from renewable raw materials - it is required that numerous issues, especially in the areas of raw materials, production processes and sustainability, must be clarified.

Resource base

Renewable fuels for the aviation industry can be produced on a broad raw material basis. A corresponding multi-feedstock strategy which includes energy crops, wood, residues and algae in all scenarios is necessary for ecological and economic reasons.

A large part of the raw materials will initially come from energy crops such as Jatropha and Camelina grown outside the EU. In order to be able to build up ecologically and economically the required raw material production capacities in the long term, it is necessary to identify suitable land potentials, intensify research into energy crops with the aim of increasing yields and, in particular, to support and secure the cultivation of raw materials in the long term through government loans and guarantees.