Sustainability plays a key role in aireg's strategic direction. The risks associated with rising food prices, competition for water and potential land use changes associated with fuel production from renewable resources must be minimized in any case.

aireg is committed to ensure that the production of alternative fuels made from renewable resources along the entire value chain is subject to strict sustainability criteria. The raw materials used must not compete with food. In addition, environmental criteria prohibit the use of sensitive land for biomass cultivation as renewable resources for alternative kerosene production. Economic criteria demand efficient production of sustainable kerosene. The juxtaposition of various global sustainability systems and programmes is currently in great need of improvement. Global aviation relies on globally harmonized sustainability criteria.

“Food-or-Fuel” discussion

Renewable fuels must meet the challenge of growing energy crops in direct competition with food production (“Food-or-Fuel” debate). In particular, the cultivation of energy crops in developing countries carries the risk of having a negative impact on the food supply and on the social well-being of the local population.

Against this background, regenerative fuels of the next generation must be further developed in order to use less surface for the production, not to use food plants and/or to use residues.

aireg expressly advocates that the raw materials used for sustainable fuel production in German aviation not compete with food and avoid the conflict between food and fuel.

Food cultivation and supply must be secured worldwide. On the positive side, with the emergence of a new agricultural sector, alternative fuel production can serve as a catalyst for the further development of the respective regions by promoting a sustainable agricultural practice. It creates jobs, promotes the expansion of local infrastructure such as water supply, roads, schools, etc. and can thus also counteract the rural exodus in developing countries.