CORSIA Lifecycle GHG Emissions of SAF | 26.01.2022

International aviation substantially contributes to mobility, freedom and intercultural exchange. Preserving these achievements in the future requires the fastest possible defossilisation of the aviation industry to reduce its climate impact, also in view of the projected future growth. In this respect, the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA) adopted by ICAO in 2016 enables, among other things, the crediting and use of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF).

In this Webinar, we will discuss which criteria fuels must fulfil for certification, how the certification process works, and when such certification is useful. We warmly invite you to join us and look forward to welcoming the following experts:

  • Prof. Dr. Robert Malina (Professor of Environmental Economics, Hasselt University) Folien
  • Thomas Bock (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification, ISCC) Folien

You can watch the webinar in full at any time here.

International Perspectives of SAF Production and Deployment | 07.12.2021

Since global aviation is a major contributor to preserving these achievements it requires a fast transition to a sustainable future by drastically reducing its impact on global warming. To achieve this goal, sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) are a decisive technology. As aviation is an internationally operating and interconnected industry, efforts for the production and deployment of SAF need to be made globally.

To shed light on the international engagement and development around SAF, we are pleased to invite you to our next webinar featuring the following panelists:

  • Dr. Achim Czerny (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University) – View on Asia
  • Steve Csonka (CAAFI) – View on the USA
  • Daniel Riefer (McKinsey) – Global perspective with a focus on India

You can watch the webinar in full at any time here. here.

Roadmap for the Development and Introduction of SAF | 05.05.2021

In this Webinar series, we specify the climate impact of aviation, report on current developments dealing with sustainable aviation, present different technology pathways and much more. We aim to generate a broad knowledge transfer and promote networking to push on with decarbonization.

Our speaker Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Kaltschmitt, deputy chairman of the board and head of the Institute of Environmental Technology and Energy Economics (IUE) at the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH), introduces you to aireg’s Roadmap for the Development and Introduction of Sustainable Aviation Fuels. This aims to reach a significant share of sustainable aviation fuels and contains:

  • research and development (R&D) of corresponding manufacturing technologies
  • milestones for technological development
  • regulatory and other supporting measures

Click here to download the slides.