WIWeB will become 30iest Member of aireg

aireg, Aviation Initiative for Renewable Energy in Germany welcomes his youngest stakeholder and in addition number 30 in his membership list: Bundeswehr Research Institute for Materials, Fuels and Lubricants.


WIWeB is a research center of the German armed forces, which in particular deals with technical questions concerning materials, fuels, lubricants, clothing and personal equipment for soldiers. WIWeB’s expertise is based on extensive intra- and extramural, national and international research activities as well as investigations on the use of defense materiel. This guarantees WIWeB’s ability to analyze and evaluate current developments in these fields. WIWeB has successfully been evaluated by the German Council of Science and Humanities and is accredited according to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025.


Memebrs of aireg and WIWeB have already cooperated very successful in the past.


Siegfried Knecht, Chairman of aireg is delighted and pleased: ”Already December last year WIWeB demonstrated its abilities and aireg members were very impressed. R&D in Erding is done on extreme high level – especially all for aireg relevant R&D in the field of operating materials and tribology.

The leading level and facility as well equipment of WiWEB is nationwide in front.

We are glad about this gain of competencies and of course joint collaboration.”


Director and Professor Dr. Georg Maier, head of WIWeB is convinced: “With its comprehensive analytical faculties, WIWeB can significantly contribute to the introduction and development of alternative fuels. In collaboration between industry, other research institutions and NATO partners new and efficient processes and products need to be developed to retain future mobility.”


About WIWeB:

WIWeB is center of competence for technology safety and reliability of materials, fuels, lubricants, clothing and personal equipment of soldiers within the German armed forces. WIWeB holds the technical responsibility for all fuels and lubricants used by the Bundeswehr. With more than 100 accredited analytical techniques the chemical, physical and tribological properties of fuels and lubricants can be analyzed in detail. Based on these investigations, the compatibility of alternative fuels for aircraft can be assessed. Current research focuses on compatibility of synthetic fuels with elastomers and the influence of chemical composition on combustion characteristics.