Quality, Certification and Use

In addition to the provision of sustainable fuels, their use also has a major impact on their sustainability. Technological improvements can significantly reduce the fuel consumption of modern aircraft engines. In particular, the climate effects of aviation that are not caused by greenhouse gases vary greatly from region to region and over time. These effects are also influenced by fuel properties. Therefore, aireg studies the concrete use, quality and approval of alternative fuels. The following figure provides an overview of the currently approved sustainable aviation fuels.

(ATAG, ICAO, 2022)

In addition to the currently approved sustainable aviation fuels, there are a few fuels that are in the approval process. A list of them can be seen here.

In this working group the need for sustainable aviation fuels to meet climate targets is discussed, as are the implications for the non-CO2 related climate impact of aviation. The approval of new aviation fuel types also plays a major role. In cooperation with international organizations, aireg is developing ways to accelerate the approval of new fuels. In addition, the effects of blends of fossil and sustainable aviation fuels are discussed. For this purpose, aireg has accompanied the DEMO-SPK project.

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