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aireg is committed to the increased production and use of regenerative aviation fuels in Germany: By the year 2030, 10% of Europe’s total aviation fuel demand should be met with regenerative, sustainable fuels.

aireg – Aviation Initiative for Renewable Energy in Germany e.V.

In 2011, aireg was founded in Berlin by aviation companies, airports, research institutes, companies in the aviation industry and companies in the provision and processing of raw materials. aireg combines the high level of commitment, broad experience and specialized know-how from industry, business and science.

Face the environmental challenges of aviation

Background: Fossil fuels significantly contribute to global warming and climate change. For traffic on the ground and maritime traffic, alternative drive variants such as electric, solar or hydrogen drive can be developed soon. However, these alternatives are unsuitable for the use in aviation. At the same time the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) expects massive growth in global aviation in the coming years, as can be seen in the following graph.

Previous measures: For this reason, the aviation industry is focussing on efficiency and savings. For years, air traffic has been steadily reducing its fuel consumption and CO2 emissions per passenger, however absolute fuel consumption continues to rise. In the long term, the self-imposed goal of international aviation is to reverse the trend: By 2050 greenhouse gas emissions should be reduced to net-zero.

regenerative sustainable fuels
Scenarios for the growth of revenue passenger kilometers (RPK). Own illustration based on: ICAO, Environmental Trends in Aviation to 2050
Flugtreibstoff aus nachhaltigen Kraftstoffen, regenerative sustainable fuels
Possible route to climate neutrality by 2050 from the perspective of the aviation industry. ATAG (2021): Waypoint 2050

Working together on regenerative fuels

aireg’s task: The measures taken so far are not sufficient to reach these ambitious goals. Only through the comprehensive use of regenerative aviation fuels the dynamically growing air traffic sector can effectively make its contribution to the energy transition and climate protection. The Air Transport Action Group (ATAG) also predicts the great importance of renewable aviation fuels in achieving climate neutrality in global aviation. Sustainable, renewable aviation fuels shall contribute more than 50% to this goal.

Goals of aireg until 2030

10 % Quota

at least 10% SAF in 2030


Operation of at least one commercial SAF facility in Germany

PtL Platform

Construction and Operation of a PtL-Research-, Technology and Demonstrationplatform in Germany

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