Europe has reached a critical turning point in terms of its attractiveness as a business location: In view of the energy crisis and the tough global race for best climate technologies (Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), Belt and Road Initiative), the risk of replacing dependence on fossil fuels with industrial and technological dependence is real: aireg […]

SummarySustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) are the most important means to reduce aviation‘s climate impact. The climate targets of air transport are only achievable once all options are enabled. To provide sustainable aviation for everyone, it is necessary to design measures to reduce the climate effects of aviation in a cost-effective and technology neutral manner. Earnings […]

The blending mandate proposed by the EU Commission as part of the Fit for 55 package is a key measure to achieving the Paris climate targets. To reduce the climate impact of aviation, a rapid market rampup of Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) is necessary within this decade. Therefore, aireg advocates an increase of the blending […]

Berlin, 14.07.2021 The EU Commission submitted the ReFuelEU Aviation regulation draft intending to boost the ramp-up of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) for European aviation. The key instrument is a gradually increasing quota on SAF. With that, the EU Commission follows the examples of several member states who see a SAF-quota as a crucial step towards […]

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