International Aviation Climate Ambition Coalition takes a first important step towards uniform targets for climate-neutral air transport

11. November 2021

The International Aviation Climate Ambition Coalition, founded yesterday at the COP 26 summit in Glasgow, which Germany also signed after some hesitancy, sends an important signal for international sustainable air transport. The change to climate-neutral aviation can only succeed with globally uniform rules and incentive systems.

The International Aviation Climate Ambition Coalition has set itself the goal of pushing through an ambitious, long-term emissions reduction target at the next ICAO Assembly. Sustainable aviation fuels are one of the most significant means of reducing the climate impact of aviation. aireg has long promoted international standards for the market ramp-up of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF). In the publicly known aireg Roadmap for the Market Introduction of Sustainable Aviation Fuels, aireg advocates for internationally uniform regulatory frameworks and market incentive schemes.

In addition, aireg provides concrete proposals on how climate-neutral aviation can be achieved in 2050:

  • 10% sustainable aviation fuels in 2030, including at least 2% PtL fuels: aireg calls for increasing the European Commission’s current proposal for a blending rate.
  • Establish effective feedstock- and technology-neutral incentive schemes: The quota can only be achieved if production capacities for SAF are expanded. This requires systematic support, for example through loans, subsidies or carbon contracts for difference.
  • Harmonized systems for verifying and crediting sustainable aviation fuels: In addition to international targets, uniform standards need to be created to avoid distortions of competition.
  • Promote research on non-CO2 effects and other energy sources: It has been proven that the climate impact of aviation is not exclusively caused by CO2 emissions. Further research efforts are needed to develop appropriate measures to mitigate the overall climate impact of aviation.

Melanie Form, a member of the aireg Board of Directors, states: “An emissions reduction target agreed at global level is relevant for the development towards sustainable air transport. On this basis, measures – such as the use of sustainable aviation fuels – can be promoted without distorting competition. That is why we consider the establishment of the International Aviation Climate Ambition Coalition to be a right step towards a level playing field in international aviation.”

About aireg e.V:
aireg – Aviation Initiative for Renewable Energy in Germany e.V. was founded in 2011 as an association of companies and organizations from industry, research and science. As a non-profit initiative, aireg is committed to the availability and use of renewable energies in aviation in order to achieve the ambitious CO₂ reduction targets of the aviation industry. The members come from all areas of the value chain of renewable energies for aviation: This ranges from research at universities and large research institutions, plant manufacturers and operators, biorefineries, the petroleum industry, engine and aircraft manufacturers, government organizations, non-governmental organizations and airports to airlines. The industrial members cover a broad international spectrum from start-ups to large corporations.

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