Webinar | The Potential of SAF

23. April 2024

Freedom and mobility are of paramount importance to our open societies – preserving these achievements well into the future requires a fast transition to carbon-neutral aviation. Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) are a key instrument to solve this challenge. However current supply is inadequate and heavy investment will be required to address growing demand and fulfil regulatory targets. With a potential future demand of about 325 million tons of SAF to achieve net zero by 2050, roughly €1,000 billion in capital expenditure will be needed simply to establish SAF refineries – offering in return attractive profits to active players given the rising supply-demand gap.

In this webinar, Dr. Jan Wille and Anna Went from PwC Strategy& will share the results from their latest study about the potential of Sustainable Aviation Fuels. After outlining the current SAF market dynamics and investment requirements, it will be discussed which roadblocks are hindering the ramp-up and what it takes to overcome them. As an outlook it will be concluded how the new SAF ecosystem evolves, what roles different industry players will play and how new business models can help to finally unlock the potential of SAF.

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The Potential of Sustainable Aviation Fuels

Dr. Jan Wille and Anna Went | PwC Strategy&

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