Webinar | Transition to carbon neutral aviation

24. November 2023

Freedom and mobility are of paramount importance to our open societies – preserving these achievements well into the future requires a fast transition to carbon-neutral aviation. Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) are a key instrument to solve this challenge. Therefore, a steep ramp-up of SAF production capacities is an essential building block of the transition towards carbon-neutral aviation. In this webinar, we will learn more about systemic aspects of the overall transition towards carbon-neutral aviation and about hands-on experiences in initiating the SAF market ramp-up. We are glad that Ram Kamath and Dr. Julia Bauer will share insights from their vast experience in those fields.

Ram Kamath, Lead-Transition to Climate Neutrality at Bauhaus Luftfahrt (BHL), will present BHL’s Airline Decarbonisation Model, which examines various levers for a fast transition towards carbon-neutral aviation. He will present some preliminary results that highlight different transition scenarios and compare them on the basis of various KPIs, such as decarbonisation trend, SAF requirement and effect on DOC.

Dr. Julia Bauer, Chief Science Officer at Spark e-fuels will complement the system-wide perspective with the perspective of a SAF production start-up. She will characterize challenges for scaling up SAF technologies to commercial production and the solutions Spark e-Fuels has in mind for them. 


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