Webinar | The next conversion routes

12. December 2023

Freedom and mobility play a prominent role in today’s society. Maintaining this in the future requires a rapid and sustainable defossilization of the aviation industry. Sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) can significantly reduce the climate impact of air traffic. In addition to the HEFA conversion route, several other SAF production paths are now on the way to commercialization.

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Harald Dialer, Chief Commercial Officer of HCS Group and Dietmar Huber, Vice President Power-to-X at Neste. Harald Dialer will present the current activities of the HCS Group to realize a plant for the production of 60,000 tons of alcohol-to-jet kerosene and renewable hydrocarbons. This would be the first plant of this conversion route and scale in Germany. Dietmar Huber will present Neste’s current roadmap (commercialization of eFuel production on an industrial scale by 2030+) in the field of Power-to-X. This includes the construction of a power-to-liquids demonstration plant in Espoo, Finland.

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eFuels in Scale - a pathway towards commercialization of Power-to-X

Dietmar Huber | Vice President Business Platform Power-to-X | Neste Germany GmbH

Alcohol to Jet (ATJ) – a future-proof route for SAF production

Dr. Harald Dialer | Chief Commercial Officer | HCS Group

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