Webinar | Credible Reporting of Emissions Reductions

27. January 2024

Freedom and mobility are of paramount importance to our open societies – preserving these achievements well into the future requires a fast transition to carbon-neutral aviation. Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) are a key instrument to solve this challenge. To ensure their timely market ramp-up, it is crucial to design SAF accounting models in a way that best help facilitate scale-up of production, access additional demand, as well as provide for high environmental integrity of SAF claims.

In this webinar, Dr. Andreas Mündel (DHL Group), and Thomas Bock (ISCC System GmbH) will share their experiences in introducing a credit transfer (“book-and-claim”) system for the monitoring, reporting, verification and accounting of emissions reductions by using SAF.

Dr. Andreas Mündel, Senior Vice President Strategy & Operations Programs, will present DHL group’s SAF roadmap and highlight the important role of claiming environmental attributes of SAF via Book&Claim / credit transfer models. Based on essential prerequisites for such a model, he will highlight current challenges and opportunities and how the market for such models is currently developing.

Thomas Bock, Lead Aviation and Maritime covers the perspective of ISCC on how a certificate transfer system can be designed to ensure its integrity and credibility. Based upon experiences from the application of a credit transfer system, he will explain the current application in voluntary markets and  provide an outlook on a potential application in selected regulated markets.

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Designing a credit transfer system for SAF

Thomas Bock | Senior System Manager & Aviation Lead,
International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) System

Registries for reliable decarbonization

Andreas Mündel | Senior Vice President Strategy & Operations Programs

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