aireg | Making Sustainable Aviation Reality | aireg’s 10th birthday event

On the 8th of June 2021, aireg celebrated its 10th birthday. For that special day, we hosted the webinar “Making Sustainable Aviation Reality” featuring the following guests, with whom looked into the future of aviation: Grazia Vittadini (CTO, Airbus), Steve Csonka (Executive Director, CAAFI), Henrik Hololei (Director-General, DG MOVE) and Thorsten Lange (Executive VP Renewable Aviation, Neste).

Freedom and mobility are of paramount importance to our open societies – preserving these achievements well into the future requires fast decarbonization of aviation. In this Webinar series, we specify the climate impact of aviation, report on current developments dealing with sustainable aviation, present different technology pathways and much more. We aim to generate a broad knowledge transfer and promote networking to push on with decarbonization.

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