aireg welcomes reisetopia as a new member

aireg and its members are happy to welcome reisetopia as a new member. The biggest German website
for luxury travel has been advocating a stronger focus on sustainability in the travel industry for a long
time. As of now, reisetopia supports the goals of aireg by providing in-depth coverage of the research
and use of renewable energies in aviation through news, stories and interviews. With a monthly reach
in the seven digits, reisetopia has the opportunity to address the important topic of sustainability in
aviation to a broad and interested community and thus support the goals of aireg. The editorial support
of the Berlin- based company does not only cover the German website, but also the affiliated websites
in Switzerland and France which enables aireg to promote its goals beyond the borders of Germany.

Commenting on the membership of reisetopia the CEO of the company, Moritz Lindner, said: „Despite
the crisis concerning the coronavirus, we would like to continue to promote the topic of sustainability
in the aviation industry and to become the first travel website in Germany to actively support the
development of sustainable fuels. In cooperation with our aireg partners, we would like to initiate a
change towards more climate-friendly ways of flying and travelling and at the same time increase the
focus on this topic in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France with the help of our community. With
this new partnership we would like to set an example and motivate others to focus on sustainability in
connection with travel as well. “

Melanie Form, member of the board and managing director of aireg e.V, stated about the
membership: „We are pleased to have won reisetopia as new member, who will support us especially
in the public to raise awareness of climate protection in the aviation industry and the importance and
necessity of sustainable synthetic aviation fuels. Such fuels have the great potential to become the main
driver for the reduction of emissions of greenhouse gases in air traffic. Only by using them the climate
targets for aviation can be achieved by 2050.”

About reisetopia:
reisetopia was founded in 2016 by four students and has become the largest luxury website in
Germany in recent years and now has 20 employees. Every month, the Germany website alone
generates a seven-digit reach, and the company is also present in France and Switzerland with its
own websites. Since 2019, the company offers a worldwide unique hotel search, called reisetopia
Hotels for booking more than 2,000 hotels with a wide range of benefits. Together with our partners
from the hotel and aviation industry, reisetopia is working intensively to not only create unique
travel experiences for readers and customers, but also to implement more sustainability in the travel

About aireg e.V.:
aireg – Aviation Initiative for Renewable Energy in Germany e.V. was founded in 2011 as an
association of companies and organizations from industry, research and science. As a non-profit
initiative, aireg is committed to the availability and use of renewable energies in aviation in order to
achieve the ambitious CO₂ reduction targets of the aviation industry. The members come from all
areas of the value chain of renewable energies for aviation: This ranges from research at universities
and large research institutions, plant manufacturers and operators, biorefineries, the petroleum
industry, engine and aircraft manufacturers, government organizations, non-governmental
organizations and airports to airlines. The industrial members cover a broad international spectrum
from start-ups to large corporations.

aireg e.V.
Melanie Form
Member of the Board //
Managing Director
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Moritz Lindner
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