H2FLY joins aireg initiative for the production and use of renewable aviation fuel

21. December 2021

H2FLY, a German startup developing hydrogen fuel cell systems for aircraft, has joined aireg – the Aviation Initiative for Renewable Energy in Germany. H2FLY is enhancing aireg with its proven experience and expertise regarding the use of hydrogen fuel cells and hydrogen as fuel. In fact, H2FLY already uses hydrogen for aviation. The HY4 prototype is the world’s first hydrogen-powered passenger aircraft. Based in Stuttgart, H2FLY is currently collaborating with Deutsche Aircraft, another member of aireg, on a hydrogen-powered version of the successful Dornier 328.

Said Professor Josef Kallo, co-founder and co-CEO of H2FLY: “aireg and H2FLY are united by the conviction that clean, climate-friendly aviation is possible. I’m therefore very pleased that we at H2FLY are joining this important, dedicated initiative. Our goal is to contribute our hydrogen expertise in order to establish another important fuel alongside synthetic fuels. Hydrogen propulsion is clearly the future, especially when it comes to short-haul flights under 2,000 km, which already account for 42 per cent of CO2 emissions in Europe.”

Melanie Form, member of the board and managing director, comments on the membership: “We are very pleased to welcome H2FLY as a new member of aireg. Together with our members, we will continue to work on advancing the defossilization of the aviation industry. Next to sustainable carbon-based fuels, hydrogen will have an important role to play in this transformation, therefore we highly appreciate the know-how in hydrogen propulsion added by H2FLY.”

About H2FLY:
Founded in 2014 by five engineers from the German Aerospace Center in Stuttgart and the University of Ulm, H2FLY GmbH is paving the way to emission-free, sustainable aviation. The company develops hydrogen-electric propulsion systems for aircraft and is a global leader in the development and testing of such systems. The HY4, the world’s first hydrogen-electric passenger aircraft, took off in 2016, demonstrating both the feasibility and potential of this technology for the aviation of the future. H2FLY has a powerful network of partners in industry and science, and is currently working to scale up its technology with the aid of German and European funding. In just a few years, hydrogen-electric aircraft will be able to transport 40 passengers over distances of up to 2,000 kilometres (1,240 miles). H2FLY successfully closed a major funding round in April 2021, securing its growth and enabling the company to begin scaling its technology and solving the related challenges.

For more information, please visit: www.H2FLY.de.

About aireg e.V:
aireg – Aviation Initiative for Renewable Energy in Germany e.V. was founded in 2011 as an association of companies and organizations from industry, research and science. As a non-profit initiative, aireg is committed to the availability and use of renewable energies in aviation in order to achieve the ambitious CO₂ reduction targets of the aviation industry. The members come from all areas of the value chain of renewable energies for aviation: This ranges from research at universities and large research institutions, plant manufacturers and operators, biorefineries, the petroleum industry, engine and aircraft manufacturers, government organizations, non-governmental organizations and airports to airlines. The industrial members cover a broad international spectrum from start-ups to large corporations.

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